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4 Years of Tillage Research Supports Reduced Tillage

A wide range equipment options are available that till the soil at different depths and aggressiveness levels. New research from the University of Minnesota, North Dakota State University, and the Minnesota and North Dakota Corn and Soybean commodity groups show how these tools impact soil warming and drying and may ultimately affect crop yield.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Always Learning More From No-Till And Strip-Till

Tom Oswald continues the onfarm research that convinced him 20 years ago to avoid full-width tillage
It might be more correct to call this article, “What I’m Still Learning From No-Tilling.” Over nearly 30 years, my farming operation has shifted from customary fall-spring tillage, through a period of detailed research and onfarm studies and finally, 11 years ago, to adoption of continuous no-till.
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Frank Comments

Custom Rates Favor No-Till

Even though the conservation and environmental benefits of no-tilling are likely reason enough to consider switching tillage practices, many farmers still want to know if it will pay off economically.
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Dare to Compare

This farmer matches his conversation system to varying soil types
Tim Manchester was nonchalantly looking over yield maps when the clusters of dots representing yields glowed as brightly as a K-Mart blue light special.
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