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Times Op-Ed Video Offers Shotgun Approach to Ag Industry

Amid drone footage of industrial scale Ag facilities, footage of Senate Agricultural Committee member Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) looking concerned on a couch when he clearly had other things to do, a bearded man eating what appeared to be the same piece of steak several times, and some earnest-sounding lawyers, a voiceover contrasted the national discourse over the environment with what aims to be a serious discussion about agriculture and America's food chain.

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Clay Pope

My Cows Sequester More Carbon Than Your Hybrid Car

Producers should try to reduce methane levels from livestock, by improving feed conversion efficiency to reduce the amount of feed consumed, says Clay Pope. But we also need to understand that cattle, sheep, chickens and pigs are not the villains some people make them out to be.
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Soil Scientists Using the Solvita IRTH

Woods End Introduces Solvita IRTH

IRTH offers easy, automated monitoring of microbial respiration.
The soil science community now has a new instrument available in their carbon toolbox: a sophisticated yet simple way to measure biological carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
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Frank Comments

With Long-Term Hotter Weather Coming, No-Till Should Be Able To Take The Heat And Help Growers Maintain Yields With Anticipated Climate Change Challenges

In the middle of a very hot and dry summer, such as occurred in many areas during 2013, no-tillers quickly recognize the residue covering the soil is normally cooler and wetter than with soils found in conventionally-tilled fields. They recognize that reducing stress on their no-tilled crops is a major benefit when summer weather turns hot and dry.
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