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Microbes Help Unlock Phosphorus for Plant Growth

Phosphorus can form complexes with iron, aluminum and calcium in the soil, which locks up the phosphorus and prevents plants from accessing this crucial nutrient. New research shows that certain microbes can make that trapped phosphorus more available to plants, according to the University of Washington and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
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Curbing Phosphorus Losses: There's an App for That

Phosphorus that leaves agricultural fields in runoff or drainage water can end up in water bodies like lakes, streams and rivers, compromising their quality, fueling algal blooms and imperiling aquatic life as well as recreational activities. A new system that removes phosphorus from runoff or drainage water as it leaves a field could help deal with these issues.
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Embracing No-Till Innovations for Higher Yields and Less Nutrient Runoff

Never satisfied with the status quo, many no-tillers seem to always be looking for new solutions that will make them more efficient, improve profits and reduce the environmental impacts of their practices on the land. If there were a no-till motto, it might be “There’s got to be a better way.”
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