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8 Tips for Winterizing Your Sprayer

It's very likely you've already completed the harvest season and are in the process of storing all the equipment in a proper place. One piece of equipment requires more attention than others when putting it in the storage place: the sprayer.
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Did The Cold Winter Kill Plant Diseases?

It has been a long cold winter with record low temperatures. This has led to some growers wondering if they still have to worry about plant diseases this growing season. As cold as it has been this winter, it may not have been cold enough for plant pathogens to die. Fungal pathogens have survival structures that enable them withstand very harsh weather conditions.
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Guidelines For Winter Manure Application

Most producers would prefer to spread manure on their fields in spring and summer when the crops are going to get the most use out of it. Although the Department of Environmental Protection discourages winter manure application, there are circumstances when manure has to be applied in the winter, such as when wet fall weather kept field conditions unsuitable and the lack of a large enough storage structure to hold the manure until spring.
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