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Capturing Sunlight, Building Carbon with Strip Cropping and Interseeding

A continual search for a more profitable bottom line led this Wisconsin strip-tiller to embrace no-till, interseeded covers and alternative row spacing.
A LONG-TIME strip-tiller, Marty Weiss has been conservation-minded for years. But he’s taken inspiration from the recent widespread focus on soil health and in the past few years tackled several new practices, including no-till, strip cropping, interseeding cover crops in both 30-inch and 60-inch corn, planting green and even seeding covers for regenerative grazing.
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Cover Crop Benchmark Study

Cover Crops ‘Greening Up’ Growers’ Bottom Lines

No-Till Farmer’s first-ever Cover Crop Benchmark Study shows farmers are planting green, saving on fertilizer and pesticides and protecting soils
Results of the first annual Cover Crop Benchmark Study show a healthy level of enthusiasm and success among farmers with cover crops as they seek to protect their farms from erosion, reduce input costs and improve soil health on their operations.
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Putting the ‘Proof’ in No-Till

Missouri no-tiller Brian Martin is using a methodical, data-driven approach to building a no-till system that is both efficient and profitable.
FOR BRIAN MARTIN, it’s not hard to see that having a no-till system keeps soil in place on his farm’s sloping terrain. But Martin also has a thirst for looking beyond the anecdotes for data that spells out what practices benefit the bottom line.
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Diversifying Crops and Livestock Saves Soil While Boosting Profitability

Gail Fuller learned it takes more than no-till to see a change in soil health, and since losing his crop insurance, he’s no longer focused on chasing yields for commodities, but building healthy soil for healthy foods.
Gail Fuller has always been driven by erosion. He decided to give no-till a try not long after he began farming full-time in the 1980s, because he hated seeing soil leave his farm in Emporia, Kan., where slopes range from 1-5%.
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NNTC16 Audio Presentations

Integrating a Diverse Rotation, Cover Crops and Livestock Into Your No-Till System - Darin Williams - NNTC 2016 Presentation - MP3 Download


Darin Williams wishes he had known about no-till and grazing cover crops when he decided to go into home building after college because he didn’t think he’d make it as a farmer in his community. But since he took up farming in 2010, Williams has been able to grow his no-till operation to 2,000 acres of non-GMO corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, triticale, winter barley and milo, and grazes his cattle herd on cover crops to maximize their investment. Williams also has a flock of sheep and recently added poultry. Considering organic matter to be king on his farm, the Waverly, Kan., no-tiller discusses the components that make up his no-till system, including why he tries to direct-market everything produced to consumers and how he marketed his grain for premiums in 2015.


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