As you are likely aware by now, atrazine is being placed under another re-evaluation by the EPA after activists made claims the active ingredient is not safe. This unprecedented move came about 2 years after the EPA approved atrazine under a scheduled re-registration review.   

Jere White, chairman of the Triazine Network, writes that the review is being fueled by two lawsuits, one in an Illinois state court and another in federal court, by lawyers with a history of pursuing class-action cases and dollars. With atrazine having just gone under a 12-year review, she says the action by the EPA could dangerously threaten the registration of all other herbicidal active ingredients.

"Atrazine is the most studied herbicide in the world, with more than 6,000 studies on record," White says. "We rely on years of credible scientific research to back up the data."

This is a battle worth watching. If you'd like to get updates on the battle at hand over atrazine, check out If you'd like to take action in defense of atrazine, you can sign a petition at the Web site.

It certainly seems strange that with more than 50 years of use and several re-registrations, atrazine would suddenly be deemed unsafe for use as a crop protection tool. Once again, we need to rely on sound science and common sense to rule the day. But will that happen?