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Clay Pope

Dry Times: Are We Getting Ready?

In his latest blog entry, Clay Pope writes, "The crazy weather we have always had in the southern great plains really has been shot full of steroids. We must get ready as best we can for what lies ahead!"

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Blog: Kudzu is Coming...(Actually it's Already Here)

In his latest blog entry, Clay Pope writes, "Oklahoma has a growing kudzu problem and it doesn’t stop there. This incredibly aggressive plant has even been found as far north as Nebraska and its range will only expand as temperatures slowly increase thanks to our changing climate.

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Blog: Heat Stress Takes its Toll in Kansas

In his latest blog entry, Clay Pope addresses the loss of several thousand head of cattle due to extreme heat, and what measures farmers can take to protect their animals from severe weather conditions.

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Think Before You Plow

In his latest blog entry, Clay Pope writes: "As drought increases across the Southern Plains, agriculture producers should think long and hard before rushing into their fields to plow up acres where wheat is being abandoned or where they are considering growing summer crops.  We all know that soil erosion is a constant concern in our part of the world and we all know what the wind has been doing these last few weeks. We really need to be careful."

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