Nutrient Management

Mounting Application Costs Returns No-Tiller to Tillage … for Now

Citing increasing herbcide expenses to combat weed pressures, long-time Kansas no-tiller Miles Willhite is seeking an alternative to ‘chemical farming.’
The spraying bills were adding up for Miles Willhite. He felt that the mounting expenses — creeping into the five-figure realm — to spray chemicals, including application costs, were outweighing the benefits of no-tilling on what was then a 300-acre farm in Leon, Kan.
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Heeding Soil and Leaf Sap Tests Could Boost No-Till Soybean Yields

A comparison of No-Till Farmer survey results and soil test data from five states show a need for no-tillers to address micronutrient deficiencies to improve soybean production.
No-Tillers could be leaving as much as $24 per acre on the table by not addressing key soil nutrient deficiencies in soybeans, says an Illinois certified crop adviser.
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What I've Learned From No-Tilling: Harnessing Data, Tweaking Inputs Pushes No-Till Production to New Heights

Variable-rate technology helps North Dakota’s Chad Rubbelke better utilize precision data to apply nutrients precisely and boost crop yields.
I was born into no-till, you could say. It’s really all I’ve ever known. My grandfather was a big proponent for the environment and was an advocate when my Dad pushed for reducing tillage on our farm in the early 1990s.
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