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Protect Soil, Produce More ‘N’ with Frost Seeded Red Clover

No-tillers raising winter wheat can use this time-honored practice to boost yields for the following crop, improve soil tilth and relieve compaction, all without hauling out a no-till planter or drill.
When Aaron McQueen started farming 3 years ago, he wanted to seed a cover crop after winter wheat harvest to reduce erosion and increase soil tilth and soil biological activity.
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What Surface Banding Can Do for No-Till Yields

Surface banding allows no-tillers to apply nitrogen closer to the row without having to buy starter fertilizer systems for no-till planters.
For years we've known starter fertilizers have been essential for no-tillers to ensure early-season crop growth.
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How To Benchmark Crop Macro and Micronutrient Status

The effectiveness of soil and tissue tests depends on the crop, field conditions and the nutrient in question, and no-tillers should back up the results with scouting and on-farm strip trials.
Peter Kyveryga says he's been hearing more and more discussions among farmers about nutrient deficiencies in corn and soybeans during the growing season.
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Nitrogen on Soybeans: To Use or Not to Use

No-tillers wanting to break a yield plateau with soybeans should study the nitrogen cycle and identify environments where additional applications makes sense.
Applying nitrogen on soybeans is a controversial topic, because farmers want to do it, but university experts say it doesn’t work.
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