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Double-Duty Sidedressing Rig

Besides placing nitrogen where it will do the most good, this sidedressing rig aerates the soil
No-tilling into extensive no-till residue in heavy clay ground, Bob Featheringill has seen the benefits of pumping more air into problem soils while sidedressing nitrogen.
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Base Your No-Till Strategies On Technology, Patience

If you can envision a giant “Do Not Disturb” sign stretching over nearly 10,000 acres of northeastern South Dakota farmland, you’ll begin to understand the no-till philosophy of Cal and Erik Hayenga.
When Erik Hayenga's grandfather (Cal’s father) quit raising corn in the mid-’60s because it wasn’t profitable, 40 bushels was a lot more common than 50 bushels per acre and that’s about as high as it went.
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Feeling The Heat With Nitrogen

This may be the year to trim back your nitrogen needs with no-tilled corn. Read how it can be done without sacrificing yield.
With nitrogen prices soaring, no-tillers are looking to boost the efficiency of their fertilizer programs. To help you find needed answers, Dave Savage, a veteran no-tiller and crop consultant from Farley, Iowa, has outlined some valuable tips on increasing efficiencies and suggests tests that you can use to determine what nitrogen rates work best in your no-tilled fields.
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He Was Lucky!

This no-tiller got solid benefits from using a Phillips rotary harrow to dry wet no-till soils.
Larry Paltzer knows firsthand how valuable it can be to attend the National No-Tillage Conference.
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Seed Right!

All seeding rigs have their pros and cons, but here's a special design that's darn near perfect.
I don't care who you are or where you live, seeding crops into your no-till fields is never a vacation. There’s always things that break down, conditions that are less than favorable or just not enough time in the day.
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No-Till Online

Nitrogen, Lime Among Hot Topics

Check out these discussions among readers from our No-Till Farmer Web site:
Our no-till farmer sponsored Web site Bulletin Board has been loaded lately with discussions on various topics of interest to no-tillers, from recommendations on which no-till drill is best to earthworm survival with insecticides.
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Spring Strip-Tilling Works!

Tackling the challenges and sticking to the basics can improve your strip-tilling success.
Every no-tiller has one trick or idea that they absolutely can’t live without. For David Linn in Correctionville, Iowa, it’s strip-tilling in the spring instead of the fall.
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Grow 18% More Silage!

As narrow row corn moves from an idea to mainstream practices, this extension agent says narrower rows are your best bet for no-till silage.
Even if you're brand-new to the no-till corn scene, you're well aware of the row spacing debate. Some folks swear 30-inch corn is the best spacing. Others are staunch defenders of the 15- or 20-inch plan. And still others maintain 7-inch twin rows is the wave of the future and we might as well get used to it.
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Doing All The Little Things Just Right

Successful no-till on this Iowa farm is the result of a novel four-step management plan.
High corn and soybean yields don’t happen by chance on Condon and Mark Schnepel’s farm in Carson, Iowa. The brothers use a four-step process of planning, on-farm researching, implementing and reviewing to manage their 1,000-acre no-till operation.
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