Farmada's Elixir66 Fertilizer Applicator features a ladder-style frame with 6 x 6 inch heavy tubing and large 66 inch spacing front to back to allow large in-line tires to be placed inside the frame. This offset provides superb row unit stagger for improved residue flow-through. The hybrid oscillating axle creates a field performance comparable to tandems in that the axles will independently adapt to the ground contour. By making them in-line and with large tires, the bar outperforms tandems when going over erosion washouts.

The frames of the Elxir66 can flex down 51 inches on the 16-row and 77 inches on the 21-row bar. They can flex up 62 inches on the 16-row and 105 inches on the 21-row unit. The rear hitch extends 28 inches and can swing a total of 52 inches left to right. T

he entire Elxir frame has zero grease zerks for reduced maintenance. The pivot points on the frame feature self-lubricating, high wear resistant and maintenance free bushings.

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