The Kinze 4905 Planter is a high-speed planting solution enabling corn and soybean farmers to achieve accurate seed placement at speeds from 3-12 miles per hour. Equipped with Kinze’s True Speed electric meter and seed delivery tube, the 4905 allows farmers to double the acres they plant in a typical day while maintaining precise singulation and seed spacing. It is also a solution for farmers looking to expand their operations by planting more acres with the same size planter. The 4905 planter accommodates various seed shapes and sizes with quick seed-type changeover. Performance is optimized with Kinze’s Blue Drive electric drive and Blue Vantage display.

The Kinze 4705 simple-to-operate Planter is a high-flotation solution for planting narrow row width crops. Equipped with Blue Vantage display, Blue Drive electric drive, True Rate vacuum meters, rugged cast row units and True Depth hydraulic downforce, it delivers unrivaled seed control and placement. The front-fold, three-section, high clearance frame supports large seed and industry-leading 600-gallon liquid fertilizer capacity while reducing pinch row compaction.

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