At the heart of Great Plains' BD7600 Series Min-Till Folding Box Drill is a feeder cup assembly that meters by changing the meter wheel rpm. Staggered wheels and chevron-shaped outlet gates help to deliver seed and fertilizer more consistently. Input gates located above the meter adjust the seed flow to the meter wheels, which allows producers to turn off rows to change row spacing or assist in calibration.

The BD7600 features a heavy-duty box design that allows it to be filled completely without moving seed by hand. The split-box design allows three different fertilizer to seed ratios. With optimum flexibility, the BD7600 plants over terraces and rugged terrain with ease, saving producers time and seed. Additionally, the 15-inch disc blades on the row units are offset, with alternating leading edges to prevent side-shifting and enhance stability on side hills, especially helpful when planting with GPS-equipped machines.

For ease of maintenance and operation, an optional hydraulic drive system reduces moving parts. The DrillCommand interface is compatible with most OEM tractor-based ISO controllers or with Mueller in-cab displays for section and rate control.

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