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“Organisms like mycorrhizal fungi help plants resist pest and disease issues, especially root borer pests, because as they go into the roots, they stimulate the defense responses on the part of the plant. Which means, if they get in there first, it’s harder for root-borne pathogens, like fusarium and rhizoctonium, to get into the roots.” – Kris Nichols

Dr. Kris Nichols is an award-winning soil microbiologist with more than 25 years of research experience studying arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. She is a leader in the regenerative soils movement as well as the founder and principal scientist of KRIS Systems Education & Consultation. Kris builds upon a soil health foundation to identify biological methods for agricultural production and tools & practices to reduce pest issues, soil erosion, fossil fuel use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

In today’s podcast, we’re sharing a recent talk Kris gave at the Clemson Soil Health Conference, where she delved into the relationship between carbon, photosynthesis, and organic matter, discussed how animal integration stimulates soil systems, and more.







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