INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Today, Corteva Agriscience offers farmers another tool to control destructive insects by announcing an expanded federal label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Transform WG insecticide with Isoclast active. Eight new crops, including corn and alfalfa, are on the expanded label, which also restores the previously labeled use for soybeans and cotton.

With a distinct chemistry and mode of action, Transform WG insecticide selectively controls sap-feeding insects without disrupting beneficial insects that help limit aphids and other pests. The distinctive chemistry of Transform WG insecticide offers both systemic and translaminar activity, providing excellent residual control of aphids and several other sap-feeding insects through both contact and ingestion.

“Availability of Transform WG insecticide is much welcomed news for soybean growers,” said Bridgette Readel, Market Development Specialist, Corteva Agriscience. “The new and distinct mode of action will play a pivotal role in efforts to inhibit the increasing incidence of insect resistance to current insecticides. Transform will provide soybean growers with a viable and effective alternative.”

In large numbers, soybean aphids can reduce plant vigor and growth, reducing yields as much as 50% in outbreak years. In the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains, soybean aphids are likely to cause the most injury during reproductive growth stages, typically mid-July through late August. Growers are encouraged to scout for signs of soybean aphid damage that may include leaf puckering and the appearance of dark, sooty mold fungus as well as reduced pod and seed counts.

Transform WG insecticide does not flare mites and offers application flexibility since it can be foliar-applied via ground or air at low use rates. With effective control at low use rates, Transform WG insecticide is a cost-effective treatment option. The short re-entry preharvest interval allows growers to get back in the field with minimal downtime.

Transform WG insecticide with Isoclast active is the only Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Group 4C insecticide on the market, an effective resistance management option for soybean growers. A favorable environmental profile is an additional benefit of Transform WG insecticide.

Growers should check with their individual state regulatory agency or retailer to confirm that Transform WG insecticide is approved for use in their state. For more information, visit