In case you missed them, here are the items that have garnered the most interest from farmers in the month of April 2019:

  1. 9 Things To Know About Annual Ryegrass
  2. The Latest Weapon in No-Till Weed Control
  3. ‘We Treat it Like Dirt’: Desertification on the March in Europe?
  4. 3 Tips for When to Apply Lime
  5. [Podcast] Growing Hemp: Potential Opportunities and Problems for U.S. Growers
  6. Recent NNTC Speaker to Be Featured on History Channel Series About Farming
  7. Light Tillage Not the Answer
  8. Rolling Covers, Planting Non-GMOs ‘Green’ Leads to Efficient, Thriving No-Till System
  9. Tips for Getting Cover Crops to Pay Off from the Starting Gate
  10. Nutrient Availability in Poultry Manure

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