This page lists material that supplements the November 2018 issue of No-Till Farmer.

Video: Bob Recker of Cedar Valley Innovation explains the benefits and challenges of planting, fertilizing and harvesting 60-inch corn, along with considerations for combatting weed pressure.

Video: No-tiller Shawn Tiffany shares how he and his brother, Shane, are utilizing cover crops for high-quality feed and improving soil health at the 32,000-head Tiffany Cattle Co in Kansas..

Podcast: Dennis Chessman, team leader for the NRCS Soil Health Division in Lexington, Ky., discusses how a healthy soil ecosystem contributes to important soil functions like water infiltration and nutrient cycling.

Podcast: Damon Reabe, aerial cover crop applicator and co-owner of Dairyland Aviation from Waupun, Wis., explains the necessary steps to ensure a successful cover crop stand, including the best timing of application and what soils have the greatest success rate.

Webinar: Doug Miller, vice president and agronomist with Midwest Bio-Tech, presents the latest field research on farming practices used to build no-till soil health.

Comments: five reasons why fall is better than spring, or any other season, for soil sampling.