Poettinger's TERRASEM C6 Fertilizer perfectly integrates seedbed preparation, consolidation and drilling across working widths of 9.8-29.5 feet. The TERRASEM universal seed drill can be economically incorporated into any operating sequence, regardless of whether it is deployed for mulch or conventional drilling. These machines deliver precision seed placement thanks to their parallel-guided dual disc coulters with rear depth control press wheels. This configuration ensures unique ground tracking capability.

Central coulter pressure adjustment between 88-265 pounds per coulter, high-capacity seed hoppers and intelligent control systems also contribute to the success of the drilling process. Using direct fertilization on the TERRASEM Fertilizer models enables micro and macro nutrients to be deposited at the same time as the seed. Optimum growth conditions are available during the early phases of germination to increase the plant development performance of the seed as a result. Fertilizer is applied on TERRASEM Fertilizer mulch seed drills using dual disc precision coulters.

The chassis with its wide 425/55 R17 tires consolidates the area of four seed rows at a time ahead of the drilling coulters. The flexing characteristics of the tires promote self-cleaning and improve the fine structure of the tilth.

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