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New Pumps with Integrated PWM Control Valves from Ace Pump Corp.

For years, pulse width modulated (PWM) control systems were limited to self-propelled sprayers. Now, the same technology can be implemented easily on pull-type sprayers and fertilizer applicators, thanks to four new pump models with integrated PWM control valves from Ace Pump Corp. The new lineup of Ace pumps with integrated PWM control valves are designed for use on any closed-center hydraulic system. The pump and valve combination provides quick rate changes for constant and variable-rate applications. No bypass circuit is needed to route excess flow back to the tank, thus preventing excessive heat and foaming caused by large bypass flows. The pumps run only as fast as necessary to minimize horsepower requirements, as well as wear and tear on the pump and other system components.

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Next Generation Centrifugal Pumps from CDS-John Blue

All CDS-John Blue 2-, 3- and 4-inch centrifugal pumps have been improved, resulting in higher flow rates of 200, 400 and 560 GPM, respectively. All CDS-John Blue Centrifugal pumps are double wet seal — meaning these pumps can be run dry without seal failure — and they are all backed by a 2-year, unconditional factory warranty. Our pumps incorporate patent-pending, 2-in-1 inlet designs, as well as the latest O-ring technology, to simplify pump maintenance. They are the most robust, dependable transfer pump on the market today and are guaranteed to do the job!

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360 Y-DROP® Nitrogen Application System

Get more from your self-propelled sprayer. The 360 Y-DROP® turns your sprayer into a late-season nitrogen application system. That means you can extend the value of your sprayer and get the yield-boosting advantages that come from improved nitrogen timing and placement. Corn uses 75% of its nitrogen after V11. 360 Y-DROP allows you to delay your final application to match the peak use period. Plus, by applying later, you can adjust application rates to match the needs of the corn plant — based on the weather impact of your field's nitrate levels. It’s a simple retrofit to your sprayer.

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Delavan FB3 Pumps

The new FB3 pumps comes in 8 different configurations to meet the needs of the professional lawn, turf, deicing, roof cleaning and dust suppression markets. This pump is available in both demand and bypass operation, with threaded or Quick Attach ports. Delavan has a complete line of fittings for the Quick Attach ports, in straight and elbow models, and in ½- and ¾-inch hose barb sizes. The FB3 pump has been re-engineered for longer diaphragm life, less amp draw and heat, reliable performance and longer pump life. Delavan continues to innovate the heavy-duty 12V market with new products, meeting customers’ demanding requirements for reliability and performance.

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Gearmore Venturi Air Boom Sprayers

The Gearmore Venturi Air Boom Sprayers were developed for vegetable crops that require total plant coverage. Our turbine fan produces high-speed air up to 400 mph, which is required to obtain 20-40 mph at each outlet. The air is passed through venturi tubes with the introduction of liquid, which is sheared into extremely fine (50 micron) fog-size droplets. The air/liquid movement allows the chemical to completely cover the vegetation, especially the underside of leaves. The booms raise and lower hydraulically for different crop heights, independent of the sprayer. Booms also have breakaway and hydraulic fold-away systems. These sprayers have 150-gallon tanks with boom lengths of 27 and 40 feet.

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Pacer Pumps for Chemical Transfer

Pacer’s ‘S’ and ‘T’ series self-priming transfer pumps are ideal for filling spray tanks, nurse tanks, off-loading and general transfer of fertilizer, herbicides and many other agricultural chemicals. The pumps are available in models powered by gasoline engine, diesel engine, electric motor or hydraulic motor. They have flow rates as high as 380 gpm, depending on the model chosen. Our exclusive PROTEK engine protection system, available on ‘S’ series engine-driven pumps, separates the pump from the engine and protects the engine in the event of seal failure. Constructed of glass-reinforced polyester thermoplastic, EPDM elastomers for maximum chemical resistance and stainless-steel fasteners.

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New Kuri Tec® Truespray™ Hose

The Kuri Tec® Truespray™ hose has been proven to reduce unwanted herbicide carryover damage. Even after repeated flushing, other spray hoses — rubber, PVC and PVC/Polyurethane constructions — can retain significant amounts of herbicide residue buildup long after use. During re-use, this buildup can unexpectedly leach out of the hose, causing costly crop damage and subsequent yield loss — even years later! The Kuri Tec® Truespray™ hose features a permeation-resistant inner liner, ensuring your herbicides and pesticides wind up where you want them — on the field. Scientific studies have shown that the Truespray™ hose provides superior clean-out characteristics vs. other hoses now used. Read the Weed Science Society of America 2017 report.

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Smucker Mfg. Sponge Weed Wipers

Sponge Weed Wipers are effective tools used to battle resistant weeds like pigweed, marestail, ragweed and waterhemp by applying Gramoxone (Paraquat) at the labeled 50% rate.  Smucker sponge wiper kits easily attach to any size boom and plumb directly to TeeJet nozzle bodies. The mounting brackets make converting from a sprayer to a wiper very quick. The unique heavy-duty sponges apply more product, drift-free, directly to the target weeds and get fantastic results for less than $1 per acre.

Watch video testimonials and get more info on this rapidly growing weed solution at or call 800-333-4503. Dealer inquiries welcome.


Apache Sprayers by Equipment Technologies

Accuracy. Speed. Efficiency. The 2018 Apache Sprayer model line boasts factory-installed, 100-foot Pommier aluminum booms that are lightweight and offer more configuration flexibility. Standard spray booms now use leak-proof technology, Hypro® nozzle bodies and re-engineered structural strength for rough field conditions. Plus, easily diagnose all key machine systems with new user-friendly, in-cab sprayer diagnostics programs. The state-of-the-art precision performance and the optional new Raven Hawkeye™ Application Control System provides industry-leading precision applications. With an unrivaled 5-year warranty and low cost of ownership, it’s clear Apache Sprayers deliver value. Learn more at

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GVM Mako

The GVM Mako is the smallest self-propelled sprayer on the market, offering the industry’s lightest footprint and leaving behind minimal soil compaction with little to no crop damage. Its aggressive, all-mechanical powertrain makes the Mako the perfect solution for farmers, growers, co-ops and retailers of all sizes. In addition to reliability, the powertrain features a Cummins Tier 3 130-hp engine and Allison 5-speed transmission to offer plenty of horsepower, fuel efficiency and high field speeds. It also features a tight turning radius for easy maneuverability, as well as multiple clearance options and track widths, so you can tackle any field with ease.

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Mixmate Ag Chemical Mixing System

The award-winning Mixmate ag chemical mixing system now has more options! There is the Mixmate Inductor and now there is the Mixmate Flow. The flow-based system, Mixmate Flow, has a lower-cost entry point. Automated mixing with automated records has never been this affordable and easy to use. Mixmate is designed to grow with you — it is modular and new features can be added at any time. Compare Mixmate Flow with the leading manual systems and we think you will agree Mixmate is your best option. Follow the link for Mixmate Flow comparisons with manual and automated systems. Mixmate ... mixing with a future. Our customers recommend Mixmate!

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New VariTarget/VeriVolume Nozzles

The new version of variable-rate nozzles now includes VariTarget White and VeriVolume QC. Both are molded into Quick Caps that fit on standard nozzle bodies and have compact size to prevent tip damage. The nozzles with white caps produce very large droplet sizes and offer low percentage of driftable droplets. The nozzles provide uniform spray coverage at low pressure and low speed, and maintain large droplet sizes at high pressure and high speed. Nozzle flow rate is variable from 0.2 to 0.8 gpm with VariTarget White or 0.8 to 6.0 gpm with VeriVolume QC.

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Bee Valve Inc. Sprayer Components

Bee Valve Inc.’s line of sprayer components offer a fast, easy-to-use method for spray nozzle changes. The guide-rib system provides simple nozzle angle repeatability and is available in single and double self-aligning ribs. These extra-, glass-reinforced nylon guide locks provide fast, easy spray nozzle changes. The guide locks are available in multiple sizes to fit all spray nozzles. Bee Valve nozzle tips are available in single and double configurations, suitable for strip or dribble applications. The nozzle tips are manufactured in glass-reinforced nylon for abrasion resistance and prolonged life. The barbed tip is designed for use with ½-inch ID hose.

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