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FMCSC-205F-HYD Series from Ace Pumps

The 205 Series is the ideal hydraulic-driven pump for larger sprayers and fertilizer applicators. Several changes were incorporated to Ace’s popular 200 Series to improve pump life and minimize downtime. The silicon carbide shaft seal resists the harshest abrasive chemicals and has an O-ring seat for improved heat transfer and run dry survivability. The design also incorporates larger bearings for longer life, while the large full-port flanged connections provide high flow rates with minimum restriction. For even greater durability, choose the FMCSC-205FS-HYD-304 model with a 316 stainless steel wet end, which includes the impeller, volute and frame.

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Versatile SX240/SX280 Sprayers

The Versatile line of self-propelled sprayers now includes the SX240 and SX280. Both have mechanical drive systems and come with a 1,000-gallon poly tank or a 1,200-gallon stainless steel tank, with boom sizes up to 120 feet. Built in Willmar, Minn., these new sprayers are powered by the Cummins QSB 6.7L and 240 or 280 horsepower. With a focus on simplicity and efficient operation, the Versatile self-propelled sprayers provide growers and commercial applicators with a rugged alternative to hydraulically driven, high-clearance sprayers.

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Bestway’s AutoGlideXR™

Bestway’s AutoGlideXR™ automatic boom height control system uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted on the spray boom to monitor and maintain consistent boom height. AutoGlideXR’s sensors work closer to the soil surface than other brands making it the ideal situation for use with late-season nitrogen application drop systems. AutoGlideXR™ is available in ISO models to work through your sprayers existing virtual terminal. Since AutoGlideXR™ uses your sprayer's existing electric over hydraulic boom controls, installation is simple and the system is very affordable.

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ZIPValve from KZValve

The new ZIPValve from KZValve allows for individual row control with lightning-fast shutoffs to reduce wasted product. Valves can be daisy chained together for on/off or BUS control to communicate with your precision application system. ZIPValve is very robust and highly reliable even in the harshest conditions. It is available now with 1/4-inch standard port stainless steel ball and 3/8-inch push-to-connect fittings.

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Apache Sprayers from Equipment Technologies

Simple. Accuracy. Speed. Efficiency. The 2017 Apache Sprayer model line boasts ET custom booms and factory-installed 100-foot Pommier aluminum booms that provide a lightweight alternative and more configuration flexibility. Standard spray booms use leak-proof technology, Hypro® nozzle bodies and re-engineered structural strength for rough field conditions. Plus, easily diagnose all key machine systems with user-friendly in-cab sprayer diagnostics programs. The state-of-the-art precision performance, the optional Raven Hawkeye™ Application Control System provides industry-leading precision application, including nozzle-by-nozzle on/off control based on GPS field maps. An unrivaled 5-year warranty and low cost of ownership means Apache delivers value.

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Gearmore Venturi Air Boom Sprayers

The Gearmore Venturi Air Boom Sprayers were developed for vegetable crops that require total plant coverage. Our turbine fan produces high speed air up to 400 mph, which is required to obtain 20-40 mph at each outlet. The air is passed through venturi tubes with the introduction of liquid, which is sheared into extremely fine (50 micron) fog size droplets. The air/liquid movement allows the chemical to completely cover the vegetation, especially the underside of leaves. The booms raise and lower hydraulically for different crop heights, independent of the sprayer. Booms also have break-away and hydraulic fold-away systems. These sprayers have 150-gallon tanks with boom lengths of 27 and 40 feet.

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Sprayflex Spray Systems

Sprayflex Spray Systems are mounted on the RBR Vector Chassis through Ag Trucks and Equipment in Great Falls, Mont. The Vector chassis has a reputation for being a tough, durable option in the self-propelled market. The Vector rides on a rugged, proven mechanical 4-wheel-drive drivetrain with planetary axles. The Sprayflex System centers around an extremely tough aluminum-box boom design. This design shows impressive durability over years of use, long past the time when other booms have been retired. The Sprayflex Center Rack also has a superior fore and aft cushion design that allows for the best boom performance in the roughest terrain. Closed-center hydraulics, flow-compensated hydraulic block and generic liquid plumbing by Raven,Banjo and Wilger allow for ease of parts availability and less downtime.

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ALPHA evo 4100

Longer spraying days and nights at higher speeds place heavier demands on comfort and ease of operation. The ALPHA evo is designed to offer better performance, reliability and driving comfort. The ALPHA offers an 1,100-gallon tank capacity with a 90- or 100-foot TWIN FORCE air assisted boom. The TWIN air assist boom uses a curtain of air to deliver the chemical to the target and will also reduce the chance of wind drift. Advantages to this system are less drift, reduced spray volume needed to place the chemical and better placement of the chemical on the target.

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NAVIGATOR 3000, 3500, 4000 & 6000

NAVIGATOR is synonymous with high quality and design that supports functionality. These properties secure the value and ease of use found in the NAVIGATOR. The middle range capacities of 800, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,600 gallons and boom widths from 45-120 feet do not prevent this series of trailer sprayer from providing the same benefits and capabilities of today’s most sophisticated farm implements. A large range of high quality features greatly benefits the farmer, making the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice.

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