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Mandako Twister

The Mandako Twister is the true vertical tillage machine, outperforming the competition in heavy soils and clay applications. It features a simple design and a hydraulic hitch to effortlessly move between field and transport mode. Easy to use in the field with working widths up to 40 feet.

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Yetter 5000 Stalk Devastator™

The 5000 Stalk Devastator™ prevents damage to tires and tracks on equipment. The Devastator knocks stalks over and crushes them. The Devastator is designed to crush stalks while leaving stalks attached, speeding up the process of breaking down the cornstalk — which leads to improved field conditions for spring planting.

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Kondex Straw Claw™ Chopper Blades

Gain the ultimate value in residue management and product performance with Kondex Straw Claw™ chopper blades. Our patented, self-serrating design uses a laser cladding additive on a through-hardened blade for a better cut, controlled product wear and longer-maintained blade sharpness. Side-by-side testing against traditional blades proves Kondex Straw Claw chopper blades create smaller, more consistent particles for a thinner, more evenly distributed crop mat. This maximizes ground contact for the fastest microbial breakdown and easier planting. Controlled wear results in less chipping and blade damage, which in turn helps better maintain rotor balance and minimize maintenance.

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