Today, precision agriculture data services company, Prime Meridian, introduced the first independent farm data management system to help growers store and profit from their precision farm data online.


As the use of precision ag technology becomes more widespread, so has the need for growers to have an independent and secure home to store all of their precision ag data – both the original monitor data and processed data. Prime Meridian will give growers a secure site, through, to store their data and create more value and profit opportunities as they share that data with those closest to their operations.

"The ability to store data. The ability to share data. All designed with the growers' and local agri-retailers' needs in mind. That is the focus of Prime Meridian," says company president, Steve Cubbage. "This website starts at the grassroots of precision ag – the growers and their data. It's their data. Growers don't want more complicated software – they want solutions. That's what Prime Meridian is going to deliver to growers."

In addition to secure online data storage accounts for retailers and growers, Prime Meridian gives local agri-retailers a full menu of GPS data processing services and products. With its online ordering system for precision data services, local retailers can concentrate on delivering cutting-edge solutions to their customers instead of being bogged down by learning new software or having to pull together a team of GPS soil samplers.

One of the unique things Prime Meridian offers to growers through their local retail partners is Prime Packages. Cubbage likens these multi-year packages to putting your precision ag data management program on autopilot, for they are designed to help growers keep their precision plans on track. Just like a good accountant keeps your finances straight, these Prime Packages help growers continue to benefit from their precision data year after year.

"Precision technology is now an integrated part of modern-day agriculture," says Cubbage. "There is a tremendous opportunity for growers to manage and profit from their data. One year's worth of data is much like one good crop year. It's one and done. The real question at the end of the day is, are you farming for a season or are you farming for a lifetime?"

Prime Meridian was founded in 2007 by Steve Cubbage and veteran precision ag specialist Justin Ogle. Company business and data processing is headquartered near Nevada, MO.

Source: Prime Meridian