Case IH has launched its newest 1,200-gallon sprayer – the Patriot 4430.

Case IH Patriot 4430Case IH Patriot 4430 self-propelled sprayer.

The Patriot 4430 features the an 8.7L Case IH FPT engine with 12% more horsepower than its predecessor, the Patriot 4420.

Rated at 325 horsepower, with power growth up to 356 horsepower at 2,100 rpm, it has enough power to climb hills and navigate wet spots in the field.

Using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to increase fuel-efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements, the Patriot 4430 meets Tier 4A emission standards.

“The enhanced performance and efficiency mean operators can cover more acres with less fuel,” says Ken Lehmann, Case IH application equipment marketing manager. “In addition, the updated Case IH Surveyor cab – coupled with the trademark Patriot features like the cab-forward, rear-engine configuration – allow for optimum accuracy and productivity.”

Comfortable, Productive Environment

The Patriot 4430 features an updated Surveyor cab design based on the Steiger tractor cab, which increases interior cab space to an industry-leading 132 cubic feet, allowing more space to work and better visibility.

The right-hand console moves with the seat, providing control of all sprayer functions. The optional AFS Pro 700 color display provides a single interface for sprayer control and guidance operation.

Widening The Application Window

An optional 360-degree High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting and AFS Accu-Guide guidance system can add hours to the workday.

To get into wet fields sooner and maximize critical spraying windows, the Patriot 4430 utilizes cab-forward, rear-engine design for more even weight distribution. This reduces rutting and soil compaction, even as the tank empties.

To simplify operation, the Patriot 4430 offers an optional 120-foot boom with the AutoFold Plus boom fold/unfold feature. The AutoFold Plus raises booms out of the cradle and initiates the unfolding process using a single switch.

About 30 seconds later, the inner-, mid- and outer-boom sections are completely unfolded and the center section height has lowered to its most recent setting. This return-to-height feature eliminates any guesswork about boom height when moving from field to field. Folding the booms is simply the same process in reverse.

High Quality Application

The Patriot 4430’s 1,200-gallon capacity tank comes equipped with full-length sparge and rinse tubes for product agitation and tank cleaning. Plumbing options can be added to handle low-flow, standard, or high-flow application rates, such as for liquid fertilizer.

“In addition, our AIM Command pulse-width modulation technology ensures an accurate and consistent chemical delivery under a wide range of speeds and conditions,” explains Lehmann. “The results are better coverage and better weed control.”

Equipping the Patriot with AFS AccuGuide autoguidance reduces skips and overlaps, eliminates foam marker expense, and minimizes operator fatigue. AccuBoom automatic boom section control automatically turns on and off boom sections based on GPS-based as-applied maps.