With an exceptional operator environment, complete vehicle control, enhanced connectivity solutions and integrated spray technology, the Patriot 50 Series Sprayer from Case IH is designed to help operators work more productively and achieve high-efficiency spraying. An innovative 4-bar linkage chassis suspension system delivers superior ride quality, stability and operator control with 8 inches of total suspension travel.

With two customizable displays — the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 1200 and the Viper 4+ — operators always have top-of-the-line vehicle and product control as well as the real estate to see what they want when they want. The AFS Pro 1200 display delivers complete chassis monitoring and control, while the Viper 4+ offers enhanced autoguidance solutions and product control.

Patriot 50 series sprayers are designed to help operators maximize in-field time and get tendering or maintenance out of the way quickly and efficiently. Everything is within reach with a one-stop service center, ground-level connections and an open architecture design. Plus, an exclusive tip-wash station provides an easy, accessible way for operators to clean off spray tips with both an air nozzle and water outlet.

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