Farmers will be itchy to get into the field once the sun comes out. Even if most of the field is fit to be planted, one can still have wet spots here and there.

Some planter attachments are available to have more success planting under suboptimal conditions

Coulters: the bubble coulter is very likely to cause side-wall compaction. Use 13-wave coulters or turbo coulters instead.

Depth-control wheels: use a depth-control wheel that does not press down right next to the double-disk openers (made by Case-IH). This avoids packing the soil next to the seed and leaves soil loose on top.

Closing wheels: avoid using cast iron or rubber closing wheels under high pressure to get that seed slot closed. Spiked, rippled or posi-close closing wheels are available that do not pack the soil on top of the seed while still closing the seed slot.