It’s a similar story in southeastern Wisconsin, where longtime no-tiller Tyler Troiola just got almost 2 inches of rain in one day. Throw in a tractor glitch, and it’s been a challenging spring so far. But thanks to no-till, Tyler’s fields aren’t completely covered in puddles.

 “We’ve had field days before where they come out and do water infiltration tests and you just go across the fence line and it's a giant difference. We've already had an inch and a half of rain today and you drive around, there's not a lot of puddles. I mean there's some, but it definitely makes a difference.”

 “There are certain parts of the state that are a little behind, but we had a couple breakdowns early in season. It slowed us down. We upgraded our corn planter this year and then it turns out our tractor had a hidden glitch in it that we just found from updating the planter. That cost us 3 or 4 days. Got that fixed. We’re doing OK. It just needs to dry out a little bit.”

 Corn planter wasn’t his only upgrade, Tyler’s also trying John Deere See & Spray Premium for the first time. We’ll check back in with him in June to see how it goes.

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