Join the editors of No-Till Farmer for our digital product demonstration with Direct Enterprises Inc. 

Direct Enterprises, Inc. (DEI) is a formulator of seed treatments and seller of seed treating equipment, among other technologies designed to increase farmers’ bottom line. We recognize that a big investment goes into the seed, the treatment and maybe even the equipment to treat one’s own seed. Now, why would we take that investment and “throw it in the ground” without also investing in soil quality/health? 

Adding a consortia of beneficial microbes to the soil achieves high levels of soil health which can significantly increase yields. Reclaim™ is a bio-fertilizer/soil amendment by DEI designed to enhance soil health while breaking down stubborn crop residue in your field. The powerful microbial consortium in Reclaim™ makes valuable nutrition available to your next crop, while improving soil health and reducing reliance on tillage to break down residue.  For more information on Reclaim’s impact on soil health, download the entire soil health report at

In this digital demonstration, you will get answers to key questions such as:

  • What is "soil health" at a glance?
  • How does soil health impact yield?  
  • What are some beneficial microbes that impact soil health and how can I deliver those to my acres?

This session will be followed by a live Q&A session.

Email Mackane Vogel at No-Till Farmer with any questions about the webinar.

About the Speaker

Mitchel Fiene

Mitchell Fiene
Co-founder– Planet Earth Agronomy

Presenting on behalf of Direct Enterprises, Inc. is Mitchell Fiene of Planet Earth Agronomy. Planet Earth helps its clients with the technology, products, and knowledge needed to profitably grow the crops that feed the world. Mitchell leads an effort to vigorously test Planet Earth products on actual farms and with progressive retailers serving those growers across the country. Direct Enterprises is proud to work with Mitchell and the Planet Earth team to take insights gained through this real-world research and empower our customers with the tools, products, and strategies needed to obtain higher yields.