Crop rotations are a proven way to achieve positive results for soil health and improve biological activity and nutrient cycling. Cronin Farms, a no-till operation based near Gettysburg, S.D., has crop rotations down to a science, including forages and cover crops.

Dan Forgey serves as agronomy manager for Cronin Farms, which is owned by Monty and Mike Cronin. The farm transitioned to no-till in 1993 and established a rotational grazing system.

In this webinar, Forgey discusses how the operation adopted a diversified no-till system in order to focus on improving soil health using cover crops in a rotation of corn, spring wheat, winter wheat, sunflowers, soybeans, flax, field peas and lentils. In addition, he talks about:

  • Managing soil moisture with cover crops 
  • How crop residue provides nutrients for the next crop while protecting the ground
  • The importance of increasing soil organic matter
  • How crop diversity helps control pests and weeds
  • The benefits of animal integration  
  • And much more!

About the Speaker

Dan Forgey

Dan Forgey
Agronomy Manager, Cronin Farms

Dan Forgey

Brandon VanMiddendorp
Regional Sales Manager, La Crosse Seed