Question: Do you put your closing wheels right next to each other, or do you stagger them? I've heard pros and cons for both setups.

We've always run them side by side because it works better with the way my Dawn Curvetine closing wheels are set up. I get some extra space around there, and they're farther out where I want them. Staggering works with a rubber tire. The main reason for the stagger is residue or little rocks can plug up your rubber tires or smooth steel wheels. I don't think you'll have that issue with a finger wheel and stuff like that. 

I like the Curvetines because we're actually packing the seed, but we're leaving the soil loose on top. In our soils, it pays to leave that loose soil there. We used to run drag chains and all that, and ever since I went to these, it just is a lot fewer issues, and I'm getting to the point where I like plain, simple and clean.

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