LA BELLE, Mo., May 17, 2022 — Verde Resources has engaged Gary Zimmer as its corporate consultant to develop and formulate a breakthrough designer compost and Verde's integrated regenerative farming programs.

With decades of experience helping farmers regenerate their land in the U.S. and worldwide, Zimmer has become synonymous with being the "father of biological agriculture," having founded and still serving as chief visionary officer of Midwestern BioAg. Along with his family, Zimmer owns Otter Creek Organic Farm, a family-operated, award-winning 1,600-acre farm near Lone Rock, Wis. He also authored three books.

"I have been in the biological farming field for over 40 years, and today's agriculture is focused on regeneration," Zimmer says. "By combining minerals with a carbon source, we can make the farm more efficient and resilient, restoring degraded soil biodiversity that would lead to improved soil health and a catalyst for carbon sequestration process.

"Using compost as the base and then adding the right amount of biochar and minerals, we can create regenerative compost that tailors to specific farming needs, which can absolutely replace synthetic fertilizers. This is the future, and I'm pleased to be a part of the Verde project as we race towards Net Zero by 2050."

Zimmer's appointment follows after Verde having signed a lease-to-purchase agreement for a 24-acre property in La Belle last February to establish a Biofraction flagship facility that is innovating products and programs meant for carbon farming to rebuild organic soil matter on agricultural farmlands across the Midwest and beyond.

Zimmer is bringing decades of experience and know-how to the team to pioneer a sustainable approach to farming in the best interests of farmers, consumers and communities. This is a significant milestone for Verde's goal of reducing global atmospheric carbon, in line with the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) goal laid out in The Paris Agreement and COP26.

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