One of the major challenges for the 2022 crop season is the higher cost and limited availability of commercial fertilizers. Many producers are looking at new and different ways to feed their crops while managing input costs, including the role of soil biology in managing fertility.

Some of the most common questions Miller answers regarding fertility efficiency and the role soil biology plays include:

  • How much nutrients can my soil microbes convert for use by my crop?
  • What if 2022 is a wet or dry year?
  • How quickly can I improve my soil health to enhance fertility?
  • What is the role of residue decay and organic matter?

Midwest Bio-Tech has been involved in managing soil fertility and biological activity on farms for more than 40 years, and this is the 10th webinar Miller has presented to No-Till Farmer followers in the past decade.

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About the Speaker

Doug MillerDoug Miller is the vice president and agronomist of Midwest Bio-Tech. Before starting Midwest Bio-Tech, Inc., in 1981, Doug and his father, Jim, spent 4 years testing biological crop products on their farm in northwestern Illinois. They have been helping other farmers get a biological boost to their bottom line for 40 years.