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No-tiller Rick Clark has had good success transitioning his 7,000-acre Williamsport, Indiana farm to organic production.

But it hasn’t come easy and there have been a lot of lessons along the way. From being what he calls one of the worst destructors of the soil in his county to his current role of a highly accomplished and respected regenerative farmer, Rick has tackled each challenge with purpose and commitment.

For this No-Till Farmer podcast, we caught up with Rick to hear about many of the ways his operation and mindset have had to change in order to succeed with the transition.

He explains his 70/30 theory on weed suppression, how learning to crimp cereal rye was a lightbulb moment that really pushed his practices forward, and how he came to appreciate beneficial predator insects. He also discusses how a personal health issue has helped him develop his thinking on the intersection of soil health and human health. 








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