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“I'm very impressed with what cover crops offer. People ask 'Do you see a return?' and I think you can probably see that as time goes on, but right now I have just been doing it knowing it's good for my soil. I'm sold on them…” – Dale Richardson

West Union, Iowa no-tiller Loran Steinlage has progressed through a series of innovations on his farm, including strip-till, interseeding, relay cropping, testing organic no-till and more. He’s a frequent speaker at ag meetings and conferences and says that one of his favorite things to do is just talk shop with other farmers.

For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, Loran sat down with Dale Richardson, who no-tills about 500 acres of corn, soybeans and cover crops just outside of Springfield, Missouri. Dale has become passionate about the soil-building potential of cover crops through his many conversations with innovators such as Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, and Dave Brandt, among others, and is working on applying the principles he’s learned from them when he’s not working his off-farm job.

Listen in as Loran and Dale share their perspectives on the Haney soil test, feeding cash crops with nutrients sequestered from covers, seeding rates and plant density, the effects of livestock on soil biology, why you should sneak around in your fields with a flashlight at night, and much more.







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