Woods End Labs, an early pioneer in soil and compost quality research, will integrate with A&L Canada Laboratories, and Deveron Corp. to create a new, broader soil health and precision ag service platform.

Woods End has for decades provided leading sustainable services to the agri-food industry enabling more successful and responsible interaction of agriculture and the environment. The company’s founder Will Brinton initiated soil health test methodologies in the United States in the 1980s long before the current trend in this field.

Woods End is also the developer and distributor of the Solvita brand of soil health diagnostic products enabling farmers and labs to explore new dimensions of soil fertility and compost quality. Operating under the Woods End brand, the new platform will provide a broader range of soil and compost analytic and research capabilities for clients. Will Brinton, CEO of Woods End, will continue to lead the Woods End operations in support of this new platform.

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. is an innovative leader in agricultural analytics, research and technologies. Deveron Corp. is a leading agriculture digital services and insights provider. Combined with Woods End, the companies are dedicated to offering sustainable solutions that meet global needs while enhancing food and agricultural production. They will support and further develop production systems research that will include soil health, microbiology, and bio-based products.