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“No-till farming operations right now, after years and years of going through all the ridicule they'd get from the people in town. I think they're going to see a lot of the rewards…” – Mark Stock, co-founder and co-CEO, Big-Iron Auctions

Once a real kick-the-tires kind of industry, ag equipment sales are now quite common online. A pioneer in ag equipment auctions, BigIron Auctions was among the first to provide a safe, secure way for owners to receive fair market value for their assets via an online platform.

As a farmer himself who has been in the auction business since 1984 with his brother, Ron, co-founder and co-CEO Mark Stock has unique insights into the online auction environment, not only for ag equipment but also for land and now livestock as well.

For this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, we’re checking in with Mark as he shares some industry trends and predictions. Join us to hear Mark’s thoughts on the importance of transparency and honesty in online auctions, what the recent high commodity prices and low interest rates mean for the industry as a whole, how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected both new and used equipment sales, why he thinks there will be strong demand for no-till land in the future and much more.







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