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Scott Shearer says big data has the potential to generate the next big productivity gains in agriculture, which could help no-tillers enhance their bottom line ever further. The Ohio State University ag engineer and precision specialist will highlight trends affecting the application of big data to agricultural production. 

He’ll also dig into sensor densification of field machinery; aggregation, storage and analysis of data; rapid, in-field phenotyping and other disruptive technologies, and governmental and corporate policies that may alter the rate of adoption. 

Scott will define the difference between precision agriculture and digital agriculture or big data, and why that’s important. He’ll also highlight cutting-edge technologies like rapid phenotyping, Google Glass, the driverless Google Car, now Waymo, and Internet-connected devices that could change the future of farming.

In this episode of the No-Till Farmer podcast, Scott Shearer shares the data-driven decisions that are beginning to drive agriculture, including the technologies that are making that happen, and the security and access issues with “big data” that farmers will need to deal with and what potential solutions there could be to address that challenge.

Click here to view Scott Shearer's powerpoint presentation of "Big Data — Discovering the Value of an Underutilized Asset."







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