Designed for the evolving needs of nutrient applicators and liquid transfer operators alike, Puck's Long Reach Agi is fitted with the industry's first-ever telescoping boom. The Agi can mix a wider variety of pits and slurry stores without the need to crane in an agitation boat. Its boom has a length of 50 feet, once its two stages are fully extended. The boom span means a maximum slurry store clearance height of 25 feet and a mixing reach of up to 25 feet.

When retracted, the two boom stages contract to a length of just 15 feet. The boom turret has a 105-degree rotation of moment. Agitation nozzles boast 180 degrees of movement and have independent hydraulic gate valves. The trailer's outflow gate makes the process of switching from agitation to transfer mode easy and doesn't require operators to shut down the engine. An auxiliary hose reel is mounted to the trailer for added hose availability, if needed.

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