Bayer has released the new Roundup PowerMAX 3 herbicide, containing a unique surfactant blend with a higher concentration of glyphosate per gallon, which means less packaging, fewer gallons to purchase and less product to spray compared to competitors.

With the highest concentration of glyphosate acid equivalent (A.E.) per gallon in the U.S. market, Roundup PowerMAX 3 exceeds even the current Roundup brand herbicides like Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup PowerMAX herbicides. With a higher A.E. concentration (4.8 pounds A.E. per gallon), farmers can cover more acres per gallon.

Surfactants are key for weed control because they increase spreading, retention and absorption. Roundup PowerMAX 3 has a unique surfactant package with proven performance. According to Bayer, it outperforms surfactantless glyphosate products in the non-selective foliar control of both grasses and broadleaf weeds.

Roundup Powermax 3 is currently registered in 26 states. Over a three-year launch, this new crop protection product will be introduced initially in the Southeastern states in year one, with plans of expansion throughout the United States in years two and three.