Managing Residue To Make No-Till More Effective

Managing Residue to Make No-Till More Effective


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Copious amounts of residue left behind by today’s high-yielding corn, soybean and wheat hybrids and varieties can certainly create challenges. In this 28-page special no-till report, veteran no-tillers share their best tips and tricks on planter setups for handling these residue challenges without sacrificing your soil’s protection and health. For instance, processing stalks at the corn header, using biological product, responsible residue baling and even stalk grazing are other means to getting the job done.

Here’s a peek at some of the specific topics covered…

  • Beating Back Tough Corn Residue with No-Till Soil and Planter Setups
  • Sheared, Cut Residue Provides Benefits for Earthworms, No-Tilling
  • Estimating Residue in Fields to Protect Yields and Soils
  • 5 Strategies for Managing Heavy Residue on Continuous Corn


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