NNTC 2015 Speaker Presentation

Where Plants Thrive, Soils Are Healthy (And Understanding Why That Is) - Jill Clapperton - NNTC 2015 Presentation - MP3 Download


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When you know what lives and works in the soil, Jill Clapperton says it’s much easier to understand how no-till and crop rotation work together to regenerate and maintain healthy, productive soil.

Is the rhizosphere all Greek to you? Rhizo means “root” and sphere means “everything that goes on around the root.” Because rhizosphere interactions drive soil health, the principal scientist at Rhizoterra Inc. will help you understand the interactions between plants, soil and soil organisms. Clapperton will help you see the animals at work underground, and how no-till stabilizes the soil habitat so farmers and consumers can reap the benefits of rhizosphere processes — primarily how healthy well-fed plants use nutrients effectively.

(Total Run Time: 89 Minutes. File Size: 86MB)

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