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Using Palisade PGR To Improve Wheat Performance

Plant lodging can be very detrimental to the quality and yield of wheat grain. During the spring of 2012, a plant growth regulator, Palisade, was registered for use in the United States by Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. The product curtails the plants ability to produce a growth hormone resulting in thicker stems and shorter internodes.

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Dectes Stem Borer Present In Soybeans

We have been receiving numerous phone calls about Dectes stem borer in soybean this year. We began seeing large numbers of adults in soybean fields as early as mid-June this year and populations appeared to peak in early- to mid-July. Now we are beginning to receive reports of severe infestations in maturing Group IV and early V soybean fields.
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Should You No-Till Soybeans Before No-Tilling Corn?

University of Nebraska research shows a yield advantage of anywhere from 5 to 13 bushels per acre.
No-Tilling soybeans ahead of corn may not be for everyone. But in some Corn Belt regions, however, yield advantages combined with other benefits are attracting more interest in no-tilling beans as early as the last week of March.
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