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Long-Term No-Till Plots Unlock Secrets of the Soil

Southern Illinois University researchers share data that explains the efficiency and effectiveness of no-till systems when it comes to profitable yields, nutrient cycling, earthworm populations and more.
LONG-TERM DATA from one of the oldest sets of no-till research plots in the U.S. has unearthed a number of interesting findings that confirm no-tilled soils become more efficient and productive over time and do a better job of storing carbon than with tilled fields.
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Julia Gerlach

Calculating the Value of Cover Crops

Cover crops and other regenerative agriculture practices have been getting a massive amount of attention lately. There have been stories about them in major news outlets like Forbes and the New York Times and politicians have been working these concepts into their speeches and climate platforms, spreading the word about the benefits of keeping the soil covered with diverse living plants.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Breaking Through The Plow Pan, Taking No-Till To New Heights

Ralph Upton Jr. didn’t know how his early gamble on no-till and cover crops would pay off, but he’s reaping the rewards for his sustainable investment.
If we’re talking cover crops, I could keep a person up all night. Cover crops are truly amazing in what they can accomplish, and the number of different hats they can wear on the farm.
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