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Steiger tractor
Throwback Thursday

Big Horsepower vs. No-Till

You'd need a 260-row no-till planter to fully utilize this 650-horsepower, two-engine articulated Steiger tractor that was displayed at the 1976 Farm Progress Show.
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Taking The Pressure Off No-Till Fields

Growing use of super-sized farm equipment is fueling compaction concerns, but new technology and some common-sense tips about tire pressure can help protect yields and profits.
As farms increase in size and no-tillers face pressure to be more efficient and productive, the size of farm equipment is bringing an ever-present danger of compaction.
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Promising Technology On Display At Agritechnica

High-performance planters, three-axle sprayers and autonomous-tractor systems could be in the future for no-tillers looking to be more efficient.
Innovative equipment and technology was on full display at the recent Agritechnica farm-equipment show in Hanover, Germany, some of which could play a role in the advancement of no-till in the coming years
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Controlled Traffic's Benefits Piling Up

Research worldwide shows these systems can boost yields and soil health, and starting the practice in the U.S. isn't as difficult as many no-tillers think.
As farm sizes continue to increase, the size, working width and overall weight of farm equipment continues to grow proportionally. Some of the heaviest farm equipment has axle loads exceeding 20 tons.
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Frank Comments

Is No-Till Still A Fad?

One of the comments No-Till Farmer editors heard while pulling together material for last month’s 40th-anniversary issue was that some educators aren’t on board in promoting no-till. Such appears to be the case with Emerson Nafziger, who continues to devote considerable effort to the need for tillage
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“Highways” May Cure Compaction

Running equipment on the same path in no-till fields gives rootbeds space to develop and may even increase yields, researchers say.
Although researchers are not advocating paved lanes or painted lines down the middle of crop rows, some no-tillers are being encouraged to establish regular “tractor highways” in planting, spraying and harvesting.
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