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Fixing Nitrogen for the World

One of the Agricultural Research Service's more unusual germplasm collections is devoted to Rhizobium, bacteria that form symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationships with soybeans, alfalfa, peanuts, beans, and other legumes to convert nitrogen gas from the air into fertilizer for the plants.
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No-Till Notes

Nitrogen on Soybeans: To Use or Not to Use

No-tillers wanting to break a yield plateau with soybeans should study the nitrogen cycle and identify environments where additional applications makes sense.
Applying nitrogen on soybeans is a controversial topic, because farmers want to do it, but university experts say it doesn’t work.
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Copper Keys Plant Function, But Watch Out For Toxicity

Essential in all plants but needed only in small doses, no-tillers must identify a crop’s proper copper need to protect cell development and grain production.
While copper is present in most U.S. soils, it is often tied up and unavailable to plants. It’s an essential micronutrient involved in many cellular reactions in plant cells. But at high levels, copper can be detrimental to plant development.
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