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No-Till Innovation Comes in Leaps and Bounds

Wisconsin no-till dairyman Chris Conley thwarts heavy rain and hills with no-till, covers and planting green.
Conley farms 120 acres for feed (silages, dry hay and high-moisture corn) for his 52-cow dairy, located down a dirt road amid a small fold of hills in Dodge County. The hills make for stunning views of the surrounding countryside, and his barn and silo. They also pose unique management challenges. Or they did, until recently.
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2020 National Cover Crop Summit: Fall Edition

Cover Crops Work for Dairies, Too

A fourth-generation dairyman shares how the largest automated dairy operation in Wisconsin uses cover crops for soil and water stewardship during the online National Cover Crop Summit: Fall 2020 Edition.
Dairy operations typically have one primary goal: make as much milk as possible, since that is the product they are paid for. Miltrim Farms, a dairy based in Athens, Wis., seeks to not just produce large quantities of milk, but also to be good environmental stewards of the land and water.
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No-Till Drilling Improves Grass Stands

In Tillamook County, Oregon, where they get approximately 90 inches of rain every year, farmers use no-till drilling as a management tool in that area to increase the productivity of their pastures.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

No-Till Brings Challenges Surprises and New Options

Fewer field passes means this California no-tiller and dairyman can raise three forage crops per year.
I tried no-till because of the potential savings I saw, but it’s brought us so much more. Making the switch to no-till has allowed us to raise three high-quality forage crops per year on the 270 acres we intensively farm in the San Joaquin Valley.
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No-Tilling With A Sense Of Determination

Changes to manure handling, cover crops and planter modifications have Pennsylvania no-tillers finding success in shallow clay shale soils.
When it comes to no-tilling around Gettysburg, Pa., it’s quite a battle for Ed and Dan Wilkinson. While some of the land these no-tillers farm is where the most famous battle of the Civil War was fought, the battle for the Wilkinsons is taming the soils that make the transition to no-till tough.
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True Believers Tout Benefits Of Fall Weed Control Program

As 140-plus years of farming history comes to an end, this religious order keeps its focus on profitable, environmentally favorable practices for those who remain.
As they wind down their farming at Carthagena, Ohio, the brothers of the Society of the Precious Blood religious order intend to leave the land in the best condition possible while helping other farmers succeed in their place.
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NNTC16 Audio Presentations

Staring Down No-Till Challenges in a Dairy Operation - John Kemmeren - NNTC 2016 Presentation - MP3 Download


Faced with farming highly erodible hill ground and a strong desire to improve soil life, John and Dianne Kemmeren began no-tilling on their Bainbridge, N.Y., dairy farm 40 years ago. John explains the challenges they face, how they handle manure from their 200-head dairy herd and how they manage a 3-year rotation of hay, corn and cover crops to keep the soil covered 365 days a year. John also shares how healthy, high organic-matter soils have allowed them to cut fertilizer inputs by 75% while increasing yield, and reviews their double-cropping trial results, the growth of grazing corn, interseeding legumes into sudangrass and the use of Italian ryegrass as a nurse crop.


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