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What’s the Big Deal About Biologicals? [Webinar]

Learn the science behind microbial seed treatments and how they can benefit crop production and farm profitability. Experts share how microbes are discovered, developed and work to boost crop resilience in stress conditions, nutrient deficiencies and disease management, and they will share results from recent real-world field trials.
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14th Annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study

No-Till Remains Strong, High Interest in Biologicals, Love-Hate with Covers?

14th annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study shows yields, acreage up as cost, nutrient uncertainties loom.

No-Till Farmer’s annual benchmark survey received 480 responses from growers in the U.S. and Canada. Results showed the ongoing strength of the no-till movement as the 60th anniversary of the commercial launch of the practice will be marked later this year.

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Battling an Unhealthy 44% Increase in Fertilization Costs, No-Tillers are Seeking Ways to Trim Critical Nutrient Expenses Without Sacrificing Yields and Returns

Sky-high fertilizer prices are certainly having a serious economic impact on how no-tillers will be fertilizing this year’s corn and soybean crops. Major fertility changes are coming, according to data from our 14th annual No-Till Operational Benchmark Study that analyzed extensive data from 480 U.S. no-tillers.

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What I've Learned from No-Tilling

Managing Soil Conditions and Plant Health Keeps Yields Climbing

Constant experimentation and evaluation of his no-till equipment and products help Keavin Hill weed out what really works for his farm.
I DON’T KNOW if I was just stubborn or what, but I refused to accept that I couldn’t get a good stand through no-till. Now I can happily say we get excellent stands with no-till, but they didn’t come without some growing pains and a lot of tinkering.
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