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Four Major Impacts Mycorrhizae Has on No-Till Crops

‘Beneficial’ may not be what no-tillers think of fungi, but arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi is capable of protecting and nourishing plants, leading to higher yields for less cost.
Just underneath the soil surface are thousands of microorganisms, playing an important role not only in the soil, but the success of the crops planted into them.
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No-Till Notes

Power of Legumes, Part 4

Biological tests on Mark Watson’s Alliance, Neb., farm show legumes can bring some ‘pop’ to microbial biomass levels in no-tilled soils.
Recently, I visited about the results of the biological tests we ran on our winter-wheat stubble, which showed very low microbial activity.
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Power of Legumes, Part 3

Five fields sampled for biological diversity and measured with the Phospholipid Fatty Acid (PFLA) test showed some interesting results.
On our farm we sampled five fields for biological activity this fall. We waited to sample the fields until the middle of September. The reason we waited was to get some rain so we could get our probe in the ground. We also figured moisture may increase the amount of biological activity.
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