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Sky’s the Limit on Uses, Payback with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

High-resolution imagery and data analysis contributed to a $20 per acre profit on silage corn and timely fertilizer applications for Wisconsin strip-tillers Eric and Megan Wallendal.
The motor begins to hum and the propellers begin their increasingly rapid revolutions. A gentle upward tilt of the joystick by the owner and the rotocopter is airborne — slowly elevating as it drifts over a cornfield to capture hundreds of images that will be processed and analyzed.
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Measuring the Practical Payback from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

During the last year, Grand Marsh, Wis., strip-tillers Eric and Megan Wallendal have researched and experimented with use of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system, primarily to track and treat in-season nutrient deficiencies. They share their lessons learned and return on investment with the system.
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UAV Prices Expected To Fall

Based on research and interviews this spring by No-Till Farmer, it looks as though the cost for UAVS ranges from very basic models found on the Internet for $500, to some models that cost more than $100,000.
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