When are no-tillers making nitrogen applications for corn? Our 4th annual No-Till Operational Benchmark study, answered by 520 readers of No-Till Farmer, revealed the following:

  • Fall – 17%
  • Spring Pre-Plant – 40%
  • At-Plant – 63%
  • Sidedress – 64%
  • Foliar – 15%

Besides the fact that no-tillers make two nitrogen applications on average, we saw a substantial increase last year in the number of readers making foliar applications in corn. In 2009 and 2010, 10% of No-Till Farmer readers made foliar nitrogen applications. That increased to 15% last year.

Are you making foliar nitrogen applications? We’d like to hear from you. Tell us why you’re doing it, and your plan of attack for applications — including how you determine the need, the timing you aim for, and whether you add any other nutrients besides nitrogen with those sprays.

Send me an e-mail with some details on your foliar strategies, or post your feedback on the Farmer's Forum. Thanks for sharing!