In this guest blog, Spokane, Wash., area no-tiller and agronomist Guy Swanson reflects on how no-till fits in with the goals of Rotary Club, a worldwide charitable society of business people.

1. Peacebuilding & Conflict Prevention

Conflict prevention has a solution: small scale ownership of energy for every sector of our economy and in sight of your residence or farm with a very safe product, fueling transportation and building low GHG alternate energy sources.The highlight of zero carbon Green Play Ammoniais that the energy economy is no longer dominated by a few oil and gas firms.

  • Currently most wars today are being fought over the control of energy.
  • A marching army will discover in 2040 that the U.S. food supply is protected by distributed manufacturing of zero carbon Green Play Ammonia plants. The locally distributed 2,000 plants are not connected to the grid.
  • The U.S. National Security is greatly improved when fossil ammonia mega plants are phased out.

2. Disease Prevention

Green Play Ammonia and no-tillage all come with the benefit of healthy people, better soils, cleaner water and cleaner air. For sure, GHG emissions have contributed to unbelievable amounts of early death and difficult diseases. Coal, oil and gas are contaminating the quality of human life.

  • The no-tillage goal for Green Play Ammonia is to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We have 2 million US agriculture producers that can store CO2 in the soil, improving organic matter from 1% to our native 4-5% OM.
  • We can use less fossil CH4 in the economy.
  • N20 must be reduced. Nitrous is 265 times more damaging than CO2. Nitrous oxide potential loss is reduced 35-45% with no-tillage, cover crops, rotation and deep band application of Exactrix TAPPS and TAPPKTS plus zinc into a living soil. Agriculture supplies 63-70% of nitrous oxide release into the atmosphere. Nutrients can be applied no-till by uniformly deep banding super green ammonia at 6-8 inches deep in the soil.

3. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

No-till farming greatly improves water quality by storing more water in the ground (on average 4 and as many as 15 inches more stored water in recent Kansas conditions). This leads to less runoff, clean rivers, clean lakes and clean small streams. No-till farming can place Green Play Ammonia 8 inches deep in the soil. This reduces carbon loss in the manufacture and loss of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Micronutrients are much more effective in no-tillage rotation band loading.

  • Our planetary skin is being destroyed by accelerated erosion and a rapid oxidation of the soil carbon with fossil source fueling of diesel powered, mechanical tillage.
  • This mechanical tillage requiring CH4 for oxidation release of CO2 into the atmosphere results in 500 gigatons of CO2 being released constantly around the planet every year.
  • Carbon based oil and gas energy belongs in our planetary vadose zone and not in the human environmental system.
  • Cleaner air and cleaner water with less risk of cancer is produced with plant stimulating ammonia, a proven non-carcinogen, that is built with zero carbon wind and solar energy.
  • The ammonia root growth stimulant must be placed deep in the soil 6-8 inches and applied evenly at 1% CV of application. Ammonia is not a plant food, it is a stimulant that directs the plant to rapidly elongate.
  • As little as 4-6 inches of our planet’s skin, the surface depth of organic life, determines our future. A subsurface, 4-inch microclimate of soil life of the rhizosphere determines our next meal.
  • The vaporized process of purest water release from the clouds above us must pass into the soil root channels and penetrate to a depth of 6 feet rapidly. The cleanest and  most neutral pH rainwater must enter the high organic matter soils exactly where it falls.
  • There can be a 90% reduction of soil runoff into the rivers and streams. It is the man-made tillage of the global skin, our legacy soil that is creating an imminent destruction. The misuse of man-made fossil-based fertilizer is destroying the fishery and ecosystem of clean and pristine water. 

4. Community & Economic Development

Zero carbon NH3, aka Green Play NH3, allows the NH3 to be built within 15 miles of its use. Payrolls and work ethic is built locally. Ammonia can no longer be built in a mega plant on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana or Texas. The risk of building the NH3 locally allows the plants to share in responsibility by linking and transporting NH3 between local plants.

Green Play Ammonia Plants are interlinked together by transport trucks and on-farm storage to assure a steady supply for all energy demand over many sectors. The key word is storage of a safe material.

Green Play Ammonia reduces the use of pipelines moving CO2, CH4 and petroleum products. GPA produces energy locally on the Great Plains where the sun shines and the wind blows. Renewable energy is always available 20 out of 24 hours with Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia backup power for 4 hours out of 24 hours.

5. Environment

Global Cooling of our economy, our culture and our citizens must begin immediately. The climate problem is truly man-made global warming that we are dealing with.

  • This global warming or climate change of impossible weather and warming seas is not a natural development. It is truly man-made.
  • Our business opportunity is a failure to address the problem that has been well known since the 1980s. A Nasa Scientist, Hanson, saw it coming in the 70s and 80s.
  • Exxon scientists proved the failure of CO2 buildup in the environment, CH4 release and N2O fertilizer sourced release from Oil and Gas products.
  • The Great Pretender, Lee Raymond, Exxon CEO and president of the API disclaimed the problem of global warming.

6. What is Our Future?

We want a cleaner and cooler planet, a planet that will have great technical advancements and higher quality of life with less wars. We need to return the planet to a livable condition and make it sustainable and able to feed 8 billion people. A planet without fossil fuels driving a sustainable food chain is required. It is the oil and gas economy, and the use of coal producing 100 times more CO2 emission than the annual emission of carbon. CO2, CH4 and the worst gas, N2O, is rapidly killing forests, animal species, coral reefs and hurting mankind’s relationship with the planet. Other people suffer until, at some point, you will finally suffer.

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